Advancements in dental technology have led the industry to the use of a very bio-compatible restorative material fabricated from a network of ceramic and composite. These materials are referred to as ‘Hybrid’. Hybrid materials are not categorized as a ceramic as they cannot be taken to the high temperatures of firing as the composite portion of the restorative material will be destroyed. Hybrid restorative materials are fabricated using CAD/CAM techniques and then polished into their final surface smoothness and desired degree of luster.

Considering the conditions in which hybrids must be finalized, Dental Ventures has developed a polishing product, we call Hy-Brite, specifically designed to transform milled hybrid restorations into a finished, extremely high-shined surface in seconds! Very easy and quick! No special technique required… It just works!

Hy-Brite is available in a six-gram syringe and is accompanied by one of DVA’s specialty hybrid polishers, which are a unique, soft-type bristle brush allowing the most efficient polishing experience. Both Hy-Brite syringes and packages of hybrid polishers are available for immediate purchase through our web store or by calling 800.228.6696.

Product Benefits

  • Smoothes and Polishes restorative hybrid surfaces in seconds!
  • Reduces traditional polishing time considerably!
  • Efficiently smoothes and polishes all-types of ceramic, composite and Hybrid materials.
  • Promotes a clean work environment through its ‘splatter resistant’ consistency.

Product Features

  • Easy access syringe dispenser allows for simple application.

Product Demo

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