Tac Gel

TacGel is used to hold veneers, crowns, and small castings in place during fabricating and finishing procedures. Its use greatly simplifies the handling of small, difficult-to-handle parts. TacGel, in effect, provides the technician or dentist with a ‘third hand’ during production procedures.

While TacGel can be used with any type of restoration; however, in the absence of ‘resting stability,’ TacGel is especially helpful in the handling of veneers.

TacGel consists of a specially formulated, water-soluble adhesive packaged in a patented syringe applicator. The “twister’ applicator, with its very small dispensing tip, allows the dispensing of minute, controlled amounts onto the desired working surface of a restoration. After the desired quantity of TacGel is applied to the restoration, the gel consistency will immediately stabilize the restoration with the mating surface, i.e., the working die or model. TacGel will dry after a short time affecting a light adhesive bond of the restoration to the surface and allow the technician to evaluate the fit, form or shade of the restoration and make any necessary changes.

After the finishing and ‘adjusting’ procedure is completed, the restoration can be easily removed from the model with a gentle lift or pull. The convenient, water-solubility of TacGel allows for the easy removal of any residual material from the working die or from the restoration being fitted or formed. Any residual material will burnout without contamination in the event additional firings of porcelain is required.

Product Benefits

  • Simplifies Finishing Procedures
  • Provides a ‘Third Hand’
  • Reduces Frustration
  • TacGel can be precisely applied to any desired area with exacting control.
  • Eliminates Fear of Contamination
  • Saves Time and Money

Product Features

  • TacGel temporarily bonds the restoration to the working die, while being easily removed after completion of the final fitting or shading procedures.
  • Small, ‘passively-fitting restorations are easily held in position during final fitting or shading procedures.
  • Water-solubility prevents any contaminating remnants from remaining on the restoration.
  • TacGel’s reasonable cost, ease-of-use and removal makes it the fastest, cleanest and most efficient product used for its designed purpose.

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