Die Treatment Systems

These fast, clean and simple-to-use die treatment products are designed to meet every laboratory need faced in the preparation and treatment of dies. These products perform like no other in the industry!

Die Spacer

DVA Die Spacer is a colored, paint-on material applied to dies that adds a desired dimension to the surface of the die to function as a “spacer.” The extra thickness created by the Die Spacer results in additional space between … More Info »

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Die Stone Conditioner

DVA DIE STONE CONDITIONER is a liquid resin, gypsum sealing and hardening material for models and dies. It is available in either a felt-tipped PEN or BOTTLE with a brush applicator. The availability of both Conditioner and Separator in felt-tipped … More Info »

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Very Special Separator

DVA’s Very Special Separator (VSS) is a true separator; not an oily lubricant – a very, very key point. It is the final product that would be applied to a die prior to the formation of the wax pattern. DVA’s … More Info »

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Zap-Form Die & Resin System

The DVA Zap-Form System offers two primary applications in both fixed and removable applications. Zap-Form allows the fabrication of unbreakable transfer dies to be completed quickly and accurately. It also allows the fabrication of partial dentures without the use of … More Info »

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Zapit Block Out Material

Zapit BASE was developed to fill-in all voids and undercuts, or to correct anomalies in models and dies.Zapit is also used to join wax patterns, metal, or porcelain segments together prior to removal from the model. The Zapit system is … More Info »

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