Porcelain Products

Ceramo-Dotz and Compo-Dotz

Two outstanding products for the fast, simple polishing of composite and ceramic restorations to a high-luster in seconds. Both products are provided in individual ingots for single-patient use designed to simplify the prevention of patient cross-contamination procedures. Both of these … More Info »

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Star Porcelain Brushes

Being in a position to introduce product that virtually takes a technique to another level is very exciting. That is exactly what the STAR BRUSH Line does! They provide a level of performance with regard to the tip integrity, moisture … More Info »

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Super-Mix Ceramic Liquid

DVA’s Super-Mix is an oil-free, water-based liquid used to simplify and improve the manipulation consistency, while increasing the firing density and vitality, of porcelain restorations. It is considered a “universal” porcelain build-up liquid that imparts a special stacking ‘control factor,’ … More Info »

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Very Special Separator

DVA’s Very Special Separator (VSS) is a true separator; not an oily lubricant – a very, very key point. It is the final product that would be applied to a die prior to the formation of the wax pattern. DVA’s … More Info »

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ZIRCON-BRITE is a solid polish provided in a jar that can be used to polish all types of crown and bridge restorative materials. Including: Zirconium Sub-structure Collars Zirconium Full-Contour Restorations Layered Porcelains IPS e.max® and Empress® Porcelains All Cad/Cam Generated … More Info »

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