Product Demos

Acryl Marvel

Acryl-Marvel Cream

APS Acrylic and Plaster Separator

“Arti-Quick” Plastic Glue-on Articulators


Butterfly Discs

Carbo-Brush – The Users have spoken

Ceramo-Dotz and Compo-Dotz

Compo-Pattern Resin – Accurate Margins

Compo-Pattern Resin – Coping

Compo-Pattern Resin – Laminates

Cream Press

DVA CreamPRESS and Super Ring #2

Die Spacer

Die Stone Conditioner

“Digi-Widgit” Wax Polisher

Dip N’ Cast Wax

First Step



Luster Buff

Precision Model System

Rocket Lab Placement Material

Reinforcement Fibers

Sin-Cer Sintered Diamonds

Soft Bristled Brushes


Star Porcelain Brushes

Super-Mix Ceramic Liquid

Two Step Adjusting and Polishing Kit for Dentists

Tac Gel

Twin Trays

ULTRA Twin-Tray Model Systems

Very Special Separator

Waxie – Paste

Wonder Wax

Zap-Form Die & Resin System

Zapit Block Out Material


Zircon-Brite Finisher

WOW – Zirconia Polish