Description & Application

The DVA Precision Model System produces totally poured and pinned models and dies in only one pour! It is an incredibly fast, simple to use, and clean method of producing dies and models of maximum cross-arch accuracy. This precision system compensates for the normal, distorting linear expansion experienced by die stones during setting.

This special one-pour, glue-less, system is effective with both full and quadrant models.

Exact pin placement, the location of which is determined prior to the pouring of the arch in a pre-manufactured, highly stable Base, eliminates second pours, grinding and the necessity to glue dowel pins.

The DVA Precision Model System includes a specially designed Pin Alignment and Drilling Machine, which determines dowel pin locations prior to the pouring of the model; pre-manufactured Base Plates; and specially designed dowel pins. The introductory assortment includes all auxiliary items necessary for the production of very professional appearing models and dies.

To thoroughly complete the system, a very durable Arch-Trimming Machine, with its own built-in vacuum and dust collection systems, has been designed for the final trimming of flash from the sides of the arches. Years of successful use have proven the durability and value of this trimmer of excellent quality.

Product Benefits

  • Improves model presentation & accuracy.
  • Simplifies all model making procedures.
  • Saves significant production time with reduced fabrication steps.
  • Eliminates grinding, dust & noise.
  • Improves die stability & cross-arch accuracy.
  • Improves professional appearance and reduces shipping costs.
  • Reduces refractory model costs.
  • Simplifies refractory model production.

Product Features

  • Professional appearance & standardization of model Base provides smaller, cleaner model appearance.
  • Pre-determined pin locations placed in highly dimensionally stable, pre-manufactured Base.
  • Pre-manufactured model Base eliminates and compensates for undesirable expansion of stone.
  • Eliminates second pours, gluing of dowel pins, and excessive grinding.
  • Pre-manufactured Base serves as model base.
  • Ultimate height & width of arch are pre-determined.
  • Stable, pre-manufactured model Base eliminates undesirable setting expansion and contraction.
  • Dowel pin locations are pre-determined in a highly stable model Base prior to pouring of the model.
  • Lightweight, professional appearance of pre-manufactured Base standardizes model size.
  • Easy technique provided for duplicating only necessary segments of master model with ceramic dowel pins.
  • Simple duplication technique is an integral part of the system.

Pre-Manufactured Base System Demo

Tech Tips & Product Maintenance

  1. DRILLING UNIFORM HOLES: Drill each hole with a consistent speed and pressure on the drilling table, making certain to drill each hole at least two or three times in rather quick succession. The theory is the first drilling makes the hole, the second refines the hole size and shape, and the third time removes any debris.
  2. MARKING PIN LOCATIONS: The new Alignment Fixture eliminates the need to pre-mark the pin locations with a marking pen prior to drilling. Contact DVA for information and instructions.
  3. PROPER PIN INSERTION PRESSURE: Excessive pressure in the seating of each dowel pin into the drilled hole will result in undesirable frictional retention when the poured stone locks the two pins together. Light pressure is all that is required on each pin to create a stable die that is easily seated and removed.
  4. STABILITY for LARGE, MOLAR DIES: Additional stability in large molar dies or a last molar contact tooth may be achieved by placing three dowel pins in a triangle fashion within the molar component. Placing only two pins in a mesial, distal pattern will also aid in stability.
  5. SMALL ANTERIOR DIES: When the die size prevents the placement of two pins, simply drill only one hole per die. Using a small, round or inverted cone burr cut groves in the base directly behind the drilled hole creating an anti-rotational notch into which the the poured stone can be keyed.
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