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A-M product Demo

Acryl-Marvel Adjustment Kits

Acryl-Marvel Cream

Acryl-Marvel – AM Flexible Partials

Acryl-Marvel – Steps to success

APS Acrylic & Plaster Separator

Arti-Quick Plastic Glue-on Articulators

Butterfly Discs – Orange

Butterfly Discs – Purple

Carbo Brush

Compo-Pattern (Accurate Margins)

Compo-Pattern (Copings)

Compo-Pattern (Laminates)

Craigs – List of Tips

Cream PRESS Demo

Cream PRESS and Super Ring

Die Treatment System

Dip N Cast Wax Demo

DVA Cream PRESS Investment

DVA’s New “Carbo Brush”

Electric Waxer for Fixed Restorations

Electric Waxer Pen for Removeable and restorative

HotStikz Demo

Luster Buff Acrylic Liquid Polish

‘Magic’ Stain Setting Liquid

Precision Model System

Reinforcement Fibers

Rocket System Demo

Sin-Cer Diamonds

Supermix Demo

Tac Gel

The Results are in on DVAs’ Incredible Acryl-Marvel Cream

Two Step Adjustment (Zircon Brite)

UltraTwin-Tray Model Systems

Waxie Paste

Waxie Paste 2

Wonder Wax Demo

WOW Zirconia Polish

Zap-Form (Die & Resin System)

Zap-Form (Transfer Dies)

Zap-Form (Waxless Partials)

Zapit Block Out Material

Zapit – The Problem Solver

Zircon-Brite Ceramic Polish

Zircon-Brite demonstration

Zircon-Brite Finishers

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