Cream Press High Speed Investment for Pressceramic

“I have been using DVA ‘Cream Press’ fir a few months now.
What I really like is the smoothness and accuracy of my E.max crowns using your product. I also love the fact that it is super easy to divest.”

– Tom K at Village Bridge Dental Lab

“Cream Press is amazing. Amazing Results! I’ve used a lot of other investments and DVA’s ‘Cream Press’ is simply the best.”

– Robert at Warrender Dental Lab, Volant, PA

“Cream Press is Amazing. I have been using for about 7 months. Not one miss cast! I even use on all single crown castings. (Gold and Ceramic alloy). Clean casings every time!”

– Paul-Stephan at Dental Studio, Wauwatosa, WI

“Cream Press is clean, soft, divests beautifully, nice fitting!”

– Joe’s Dental Arts, Houston Tx

“Cream Press is a completely different animal; end results present the best restorations I have ever seen. There is nothing on the market better than DVA’s ‘Cream Press’.”

– Jeff at No Decay Dental Lab, Redding. CA

Zircon-Brite (formerly Briteness)

“I recently tried Zircon-Brite on IPS e.Max®, Zirconium and other ceramic materials and without a doubt, Zircon-Brite is the best polish I’ve ever stumbled across. I’ve used it on numerous applications from polishing after a natural glaze; polishing an adjustment after glaze; or for simply highlighting line angles on cosmetic cases. Congratulations on a fantastic product. Anyone that tries Zircon-Brite is sure to purchase, as I did.”

– Lindy at Sike’s Dental Lab, NC

“This product is fantastic. Not having to refire our e.max, Empress, or PFM’s when small adjustments are made is a huge benefit. After customizing the surface texture with a diamond and white rubber wheel, we then bring the final finish to a custom luster using Zircon-Brite. It provides for a superior finished product and allows a better match to the existing dentition. We love it, and our dentists do too.”

– Dave at Creative Dental Arts Lab, CA

“Of the new products I have tried this year I am just completely blown away with a pretty innocuous looking porcelain polish that DVA came out with called Zircon-Brite. When I first got it I didn’t see it as something pretty special, then I tried it.

It beats all the previous diamond polishing pastes and compounds that have been introduced and that I have tried in my laboratory by a country mile. You can apply a brilliant high shine back on a ground surface (say the whole facial of an anterior restoration) in less than a minute (literally) saving another glaze bake in the furnace. I’ve never seen anything remotely like it. Not as messy as other pastes either!”

– Doug at AU Dental Lab, OK

Twin Trays

“Dramatically reduced my model production time. Improved the labs image to my accounts. Reduced or eliminated occlusion and contact problems.”

– Greg at Thayer Dental Lab, PA

“After trying many systems, it was the only model system my model prep department would accept. The system offers simplicity with triple tray impressions. Its light weight makes more comfortable for my technicians to handle. We like it’s positive and consistent die seating and stability.”

– Larry at Somer Dental Lab, IN

“Since introducing the DVA Twin Tray System to our model and die department our efficiency has increased approximately 35-40% while simultaneously adding predictability and improving quality.”

– Joel at Excel Dental Studio, MN

“We love them! Great time saver and great for the technicians. They are quick, fast and accurate.”

– Charlie at Yankee Dental Arts, CT

Twin Trays

“My Technicians really like the easy, clean carving of Wonder Wax. The Grey color really shows the fine detail.”

– Russ at Tri-County Dental Lab, MO

“Wonder Wax has proven to be a favorite with our technicians and our client’s diagnostic wax-ups. Thank you DVA for your continued dedication to providing new and beneficial materials.”

– Steve at Sundance Dental Laboratories, AZ

“The carving qualities of Wonder Wax are superior to any other brand.”

– Dale at Atkinson Dental Lab, CA

“We love them! Great time saver and great for the technicians. They are quick, fast and accurate.”

– Charlie at Yankee Dental Arts, CT

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