Description & Application

The DVA ULTRA Twin-Tray System combines both articulation and model production into one, single operation. It is very effective in simplifying and improving the production of models from either “dual-arch” or “single-arch impressions”. This system provides the operator with the alternative of fabricating models either with or without dowel pins.
Some technicians prefer to ‘hold onto’ a pin inserted into the working dies as they wax copings or crowns, etc., or during veneering application procedures.

The ULTRA Twin-Tray offers that opportunity; it provides a working ‘handle’ for the dies – without drilling holes! The DVA ULTRA Twin-Tray Model & Articulating System consists of two identical tray receptacles, into which both the prepared and opposing arches are poured and simultaneously articulated without the necessity for a separate glue or plaster mounting operation. The system’s articulator is an integral part of the mounting system – they come with the trays! The ULTRA Twin-Tray System consists of plastic, disposable trays that provide the dentist with a permanent record of the patient’s preparations and bite registration. It offers an attractive and professional case presentation to the dentist client and patient. One big advantage over competitive trays is the unique method of adjusting the height of the trays, which allows the arches to be mounted in exact, parallel opposing positions. A very attractive feature!

Articulation is accomplished automatically. The models are poured and articulated simultaneously. While the ULTRA Twin-Tray System is suitable for fabricating models from any type of impression technique, it is especially useful in pouring and mounting dental impressions generally referred to as “dual-arch impressions.” Such impressions offer the dentist the advantage of simultaneously registering both the upper and lower jaw impressions, along with the bite registration, in one, simple procedure.

While offering the benefits of saving time, reducing impression material costs, and reducing patient discomfort, this technique offers some fabrication complications to the laboratory technician. Such impressions tend to offer less pouring stability with accompanying mounting difficulties. The DVA Twin-Tray System simplifies these procedures. Another, very important advantage – the articulation is accomplished with the models related exactly as the bite was registered by the dentist.

This system, available in either Full or Quadrant configuration, is ideal for use with single-unit to small bridges.

While plastic mounting systems always offer a “challenge” with regard to occluding stability during fabrication procedures, the DVA ULTRA Twin-Tray System is the only plastic system that offers an alternative, inter-changeable metal articulator for use during laboratory production procedures. A big advantage for maintaining “centric” and improved stability for molar restorations.

The ULTRA Twin-Tray’s full tray design has incorporated an enhanced retentive design into the internal walls of the tray. In addition, magnetically retained, “articulator mounting slide adaptors” permit the mounting of the ULTRA Twin FULL Tray onto a fully adjustable articulator. This unique feature allows the possibilities of the ULTRA Tray System to be acceptable for larger bridge restorations – a very unique feature for a plastic articulating system!

Both quadrant and full-arch Ultra Twin Trays provide rapid and simple production of refractory or duplicate dies.

Product Benefits

  • Saves time and simplifies model fabrication
  • Offers versatility of model production
  • Improves working occlusal stability
  • Improves accuracy of pouring “dual-arch” impressions
  • Improves case presentation
  • Simplifies fabrication of refractory dies.
  • A great way to increase production

Product Features

  • Only one pour per arch
  • Simultaneously pours & articulates arches
  • Eliminates the necessity to drill dowel pin holes.
  • Can be used either with or without dowel pins
  • Utilizes inter-changeable metal articulators during fabrication procedures
  • Mounting articulating slide adaptor provides opportunity for mounting on adjustable articulators.
  • Arches articulated exactly as registered by impressions dentist
  • Extremely clean, professional appearance
  • Open tray design

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