Description & Application

DVA’s Very Special Separator (VSS) is a true separator; not an oily lubricant – a very, very key point. It is the final product that would be applied to a die prior to the formation of the wax pattern. DVA’s Very Special Separator is the ideal release agent for wax, porcelain, and composite materials. Point of fact, Very Special Separator is the only very effective release agent for composite materials known to this company. If another one exists, be careful in your comments, as it may be a product supplied under private label by DVA Inc.
As is the case with DVA Conditioner, our Very Special Separator is available in either a felt-tipped PEN or BOTTLE with a brush applicator.

As discussed in the initial portion of this product segment, and it deserves repeating, there exists no separating product more efficient and effective than DVA’s Very Special Separator. Its very special product character and ability to function effectively without creating undesired space in the marginal and contact areas, separates it from competitive products. In addition to DVA’s Very Special Separator’s compatibility with waxes and its ability to allow the removal and re-working of the wax pattern onto the die without necessitating a re-application of the separator, greatly distinguishes it from most competitive products. It is a true separator, unlike traditional “oily, lubricant-type separators.” Wax flows and readily adapts to margins and implant abutments. Dipped dies will not exhibit bubbles on margins.

Having said that, Very Special Separator must be applied to a sealed surface for maximum effectiveness; hence, it should always be used in conjunction with DVA Conditioner.

Unlike with most competitive separating products, DVA’s Very Special Separator does NOT require repeated applications during the procedures of continually removing and repositioning the wax pattern while testing for proper thickness, contour and fit; only one coat of Very Special Separator is generally adequate.

Product Benefits

  • Improves wax marginal accuracy
  • Reduces necessity to re-seal margins.
  • Reduces marginal shrinkage
  • Eliminates necessity for repeated applications
  • Increases waxing productivity
  • Eliminates mess
  • Reduces inventory
  • Offers versatility of operation
  • Economical to use

Product Features

  • Thin, viscous consistency, forms a barrier without adding special thickness.
  • Chemically, very ‘wax-friendly.’
  • Special chemical property prevents ‘wipe away’ of invisible barrier.
  • Non-oily, non-residual consistency.
  • One separator for all C&B applications; separates wax, porcelain and composites
  • Pen or brush application
  • 8 oz. refill bottle available
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