Beyond the Joneses by Jerry P. Honstein

July 10, 2018

During a presentation at the Chicago Midwinter many years ago, Dr. Robert Stein of Boston, made a comment I have never forgotten.  He stated, “When we dentists cut a preparation, the first thing we do is make a mistake, and then spend significant time correcting it!” I have often thought of that statement as I observed the procedures and use of products required for most dental laboratory procedures.

Several decades ago, we started our work on a die that may have contained air bubbles, inadequate remaining tooth structure or improper configuration.  Hence, the development by Dental Ventures of America of ZAPIT!

At the same time, the ‘separators’ available, were actually not separators, but they were lubricants that distorted wax patterns, and therefore the final castings.  Such was the generation of the development of the first, actual crown and bridge separator developed and introduced by DVA.

“Hotstikz,” eliminated the aggravation of requiring denture labs to use sticky wax during the articulation of models.

The introduction of zirconia required the need for a new standard of veneering polish; therefore,  DVA developed “Zircon-Brite.”  It has totally raised the bar in the performance of polishing products.

Such has been the history of Dental Ventures of America – a company that has a well established history of introducing new products to the dental laboratory market that do NOT require “corrections’ with use; they actually perform.

Such is certainly the case with DVA’s “CreamPress” pressing investment. While so many pressing investments are available, it seemed as though each one presented a differing challenge such that they required extra attention along with their use. Therefore, DVA saw another market opportunity, which was the genesis for the introduction of this new, extremely well-received product.

Among other things, “CreamPress” provides an incredibly clean, reaction-free, pressed object, which fits with an outstanding accuracy. And, if divesting takes longer than desired, the ease of the divesting of “CreamPress” further increases one’s appreciation of the benefits offered by this very unique product.

Given the very expressive comments of enthusiasm expressed by those using this product, DVA has managed to re-enforce its reputation of creating a higher level of product performance – “CreamPress” does what it was designed to do! It performs without having to make any “adjustments.”  It improves both production efficiency and accuracy! It’s “fiddle-free;” just use it!

Samples are available, so it might be advantageous to request them and see for yourself what is causing such positive reactions of appreciation by its users.

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