Hygiene in the Dental Lab and Chairside

March 17, 2014

While we are known as polishing gurus, we have not forgotten about your need for help with matters of hygiene. There are a few different dental lab products we provide that support your hygiene procedures.

Seal & Shine

When you deliver a denture, you want it to have a pleasant appearance and you want it to be sealed against any bacteria growth. This enables your patients to have a healthier environment in their mouths and keep down the growth of bacteria that could produce bad odors. A simple application of Seal & Shine on an acrylic denture and you will get the result you’re looking for. And your patient will see the beautifully finished denture they were expecting.


When you are working with ceramic restorations, Ceramo-Dotz enables you to finish and polish these restorations in just about record time. Because these compounds come in individual ingots, you can work chairside without cross-contamination. Fast, one-step process eliminates the need for multiple steps and multiple polishing and shaping tools at this final step. Ceramo-Dotz will work with any ceramics, lithium disilicate or zirconia.


This is the same type of product, but formulated for composite restorations. And again, it comes in ingots for operatory work.

Perfect Pour

We provide a complete kit for manufacturing full dentures, partial dentures, flippers, night guards and other items. The unique molecular structure of Perfect Pour eliminates porosity for less shrinkage and better protection against bacteria. Together with Shine & Seal, you offer your patients all the features they are looking for in dentures or night guards.

Our customers who stock our dental lab supplies love Perfect Pour. For that reason, we offer this product in a ten kilo bucket (that translates to 22 pounds) with five one-liter bottles of the liquid component. The is an economic way to stock Perfect Pour.


This is another fine operatory product. Many dental labs will send an acrylic bridge to a dental practice with a small amount of Acryl-Mavel. Then the practice can use Acryl-Marvel to restore the polish after a fitting.

For this purpose, Acryl-Marvel also comes in small ingots – these are shaped like a tooth. If the acrylic restoration needs any final polish after a fitting – and you know it happens frequently – then the practice has the individuals-sized supply of Acryl-Marvel right to hand. Here again, no cross-contamination.

We stay pretty familiar with the procedures you need to follow as you protect your patients from contamination issues. If you have an idea of a new product that would make your life simpler or improve hygiene in your practice even more, let us know. We are always interested in how we can help you streamline your processes even further. And frankly, we enjoy a good challenge.

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