Hy-Brite Works & Latest Dental Technology

March 5, 2014

If you have been working in dentistry for a while, then you have seen this industry change dramatically. I’m glad for all these changes. These new technologies provide excellent products with amazingly fast turnarounds.

For example, we have a lot of customers who are using the Sirona Dental System. It’s that end of our technology where the most changes are happening. With this in mind, I was looking at the Dental Compare blog today. I enjoy the scope of their reporting.

In a December 2013 post, they reported on the top ten products of the year. There’s a few scanners for digital impressions, a camera, a couple of lasers and a hybrid ceramic block for use in CAD/CAM. This new block from VITA ENAMIC incorporates the best qualities from both ceramics and polymers so that the finished restoration offers great results for your patients.

There’s not that many industries that play such a critical role in patients’ lives. Of course, medicine does, but patients rely on these onlays, crowns, bridges and dentures for the remainder of their lives. If these products fail, there’s discomfort and expense as well and the potential for more serious problems to develop. So the developments that let us offer faster service, great appearance and the durability patients want are all moves in the right direction.

We Work Hard to Keep Up

As technologies change, we have to keep up. If we only provided polishing agents for ceramic or metals, we would miss the chance to help our customers who are working with these hybrid materials. So that’s why I work hard to monitor the changes in the industry. When the next generation of materials comes out, I want to be able to provide the dental lab supplies you need to excel.

On the Dental Compare site, there is an article about these new technologies. This article makes the point that some people think this new technology fails to offer as good a result as more traditional dental lab technology. I agree with his conclusion: In the hands of well-trained people, the results are every bit as accurate, pleasing to the patient and durable.

When Hybrid Materials Hit the Market, We Developed Hy-Brite

It was the advancement of our industry that led us to develop Hy-Brite, our polishing product for these hybrid materials we were talking about. If you try to fire this material, the composite part of the combination will be destroyed. But this material is perfectly suited to the CAD/CAM systems.

Hy-Brite is the perfect polishing product for use with these materials. It comes with its own special soft-bristle brush. Just like many of our other polishing products, it will turn a milled restoration into a polished, beautifully finished product in seconds.

We’re going to continue to monitor the industry so we can provide you with the dental lab supplies and equipment you need to keep your operation profitable. If you’re working on something new that might require new dental products for finishing, polishing or operatory use, let us know. 

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