Is it Possible? Even Our Porcelain Brushes are Superior Dental Lab Products!

November 18, 2013

We are known to excel in our dental lab polishing products – many people know that our polishing products take less time and effort to get a better result – but it may not be well known that our porcelain brushes are also superior.

In our conversations with dentists or lab technicians who use brushes to build porcelain, we have heard that they may search for the perfect brush for their entire careers. I can just see them stopping by every art supply store they pass so they can pick up a couple of brushes from a new company. They tell me that they are always looking for a brush that keeps its tip integrity, one that manipulates the porcelain perfectly, and one that is durable. It also has to be easy to control the moisture content of the brush.

Most artists consider European sable brushes the best for water-based media. The finest of these brushes come from Siberia and China where it’s very cold, making for beautiful fur. This is very romantic, but what really matters is how it performs with ceramic material.

Our Customers Vote with their Praise

Now, I’m going to note here that a person’s choice of brush is a very personal thing. We may please 50 customers and have 5 whose personal preferences lie elsewhere. But these 50 customers tell us that we have ended their search for the perfect brushes with our Star Brush line. And that gives us great satisfaction.

You may have heard of Kolinsky brushes. A Kolinsky sable brush comes from a kind of Siberian weasel, not actually a sable. If you want terrific control of your brush, this is what you have been looking for. No matter what these brushes are used for (ceramics or watercoloring), they hold moisture well, with control of the amount of water up to the technician. They are precisely responsive to your touch and hold their shape.

And I am told that the stray hair problem is pretty non-existent. That’s how strong these hairs are. It makes the brushes long-lasting, too, stretching your investment even father.

Despite their being perhaps the best brushes in the world, we have kept the price competitive. If we want you to be able to use them in the lab, we can’t price them completely out of range!

Well, There’s One that Not Sable…

We have one brush that is made of gray squirrel but it has a very special use. It’s not used for building up porcelain, it’s used to draw moisture out of the porcelain before it is fired. By whipping this large, thick brush back and forth across the surface, moisture rises to the surface and can be wiped away by the brush. The porcelain is rendered more “packed” as a result.

I guess you really have to try these brushes to see what they are like. I assure you that you will get a very pleasant surprise when they are in your hand and in use. I hope to hear from you at that time.

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