Our Polishing and Finishing Expertise for the Dental Lab

October 10, 2013

Gurus, geeks, mavens, maestros, aces – our clients tell us we’ve got polishing and finishing down cold. One of our specialties is coming up with time saving and money saving methods of expediting the polishing steps in the dental lab.

Some of our products are formulated for specific materials like zirconium and others are specifically for acrylic, composite or alloys. We have a wide range of dental supplies, including these:

  1. Acryl-Marvel for acrylic dental appliances like dentures, acrylic crowns, bridges and more.

  2. Brilliance Polishing Paste for use with alloys, porcelain or composite restorations.

  3. Butterfly discs for precious metals, non-precious metals and all ceramics.

  4. Ceramo-Dotz for polishing ceramic restorations.

  5. Compo-Dotz for composite restorations.

  6. Luster Buff for resin surfaces or high-gold-containing alloys.

  7. Zircon-Brite for zirconium.

  8. HYBrite for 3M Lava Ultimate Crowns

Praise from Our Customers

We know we are giving our customers what they need to speed up the finishing steps – while providing a great result for the patient – because they tell us so. A lab in North Carolina told us:

Zircon-Brite is the best polish I’ve ever stumbled across. I’ve used it on numerous applications from polishing after a natural glaze to polishing an adjustment after glaze. Congratulations on a fantastic product.”

A lab in Oklahoma agreed to try out our Zircon-Brite and then told us: “I didn’t see it as something pretty special, then I tried it. It beats all the previous diamond polishing pastes and compounds that have been introduced and that I have tried in my laboratory by a country mile.”

From Ottawa in Canada, a lab told us about Acryl-Marvel: “I was looking for a faster and less messy way of polishing a denture. The absolute time saver and makes it much easier to polish a denture. I can eliminate the pumice and save time and money. Cuts time to polish a denture in half.”

Our Purpose

When we hear this kind of response to our dental lab supply line, it just makes our day. We know that polishing the old way can be messy, can involve moving from one station to another, and eat up staff time. We’re going to continue to innovate to bring new products to this industry.

In some labs, they are still doing things the old way, with multiple smoothing and polishing steps, going back and forth between wet and dry and one station or another. It doesn’t have to be that way any more but some people haven’t heard. We’re going to continue to reach out to let people know they can have it easier.

We have a Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dental-Ventures/134607036569169.

We even have a great YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DentalVentures. You can watch product demonstrations videos here – more than 20 of them.

You can help us by telling your colleagues about us. And if you are enjoying some of our products, let us know so we can let others know about it. Just email me at


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