Success Using the DVA Liquid Waxer

October 10, 2013

Have you ever watched the video of the DVA Liquid Waxer in use? It’s available on YouTube at I invite you to make a comparison. Watch this video and then compare the simplicity of the Liquid Waxer with your current procedure.

I just showed someone the difference between our waxer and the usual procedure. Her astonishment was pretty funny. “Why would anyone do it the old way?” she asked me. The other videos had lab techs using open flames to melt wax and then apply it to partials. Or they were constantly dipping into containers of melted wax. With the Liquid Waxer, all that danger, wasted time and inconvenience is gone. It’s a continuous flow of wax, easily controlled by pressing a fingertip or tapping a pedal, whichever you prefer.

More Like Painting Artwork

If you watch my video, you’ll see that the process of waxing for implants, full crowns or diagnostics is almost like painting a picture. The control you have over the flow of wax is amazing. You never have to move your hand back and forth, over and over, back to a flame or pot of wax.

As one of my customers said, “Delivering wax with finger tip control has improved accuracy, consistency and waxing speed. We can use it lab wide including the partial department.” Every time you improve control, you improve the quality of results. And every time you increase speed, you get more cases out of the lab in less time which means less cost for personnel, more profitability. Another customer stated that he saved more than 35% of his waxing time.

Fine, Swiss-Made Mechanism

Our Liquid Waxer is a fine, Swiss-made machine. It will just about make waxing a pleasurable activity – especially when a person has done it the old way and now gets to see how easy and precise it can be!

My marketing challenge is really just getting people in dental labs to look at DVA products. Once they see the products and see how they work, many of them are so innovative that they sell themselves. In some cases, there is nothing else on the market that’s anything like our products. As usual, the Liquid Waxer eliminates steps and movements. That is kind of the common denominator to our way of thinking about dental supplies and products.

When we designed the Liquid Waxer, we tried to think of every feature and design element that would make it just what you need to increase efficiency in your lab. The only problem you may ever have with it is convincing someone who is “stuck in their ways” that there is a better way to get waxing done. With a little encouragement, you can show them a whole new way to apply accurate layers of wax.

An Open Offer

If you notice other procedures that we have not gotten around to refining in our usual way, if you see a place that a new type of dental lab product could streamline actions, let us know. We might just be able to innovate a new dental product that will increase profitability even more. 

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