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November 4, 2013

Maybe you’re just familiar with our most popular products, like Acryl-Marvel, Zircon-Brite or Waxie-Paste. These products have plenty of fans. And our polishing products as a category are pretty well known.

What may not be as well known is how many different areas we have covered with our products. With everything we engineer, design and manufacture, we aim to make it a whole new kind of product that saves time and money. We talk to our clients and we understand the processes. Then I guess you could just say that we have a way with materials that makes our products stand out from the crowd.

Here’s just a few of the products from our catalog. I’m proud of them all.

Acrylic and Plaster Separator (APS)

When you are going to need to separate dental acrylics from plaster or other gypsums, this is the separator to use. (It also works with gypsum-to-gypsum.) It works better than the other products on the market to enable clean and easy separation. It won’t cloud the finish of clear or translucent resins, either.


It’s too simple. That must be why no one ever thought of it before. This is a little sleeve that fits over one finger and enables you to just bring a wax polisher into action without having to move your hand, pick up a tool or cloth or rag. You just wear it on one finger (most of the time, the ring finger so it is out of the way when you don’t need it) and then it’s right there when you are ready to add a little polish.


When working with veneers or crowns, sometimes you just about need to grow a third hand to hold those small pieces in place while you evaluate fit, form or shade. If you call someone over to help you, you are just pulling them off another job and that slows down the production line. Tac-Gel neatly and cleanly gives you a temporary adhesive surface that substitutes for that third hand. Just a tiny dab from the dispenser tip enables you to be very precise in your application. Now, the great thing is that when you are ready to move on to the next step, a gentle lift will remove the restoration. A little water will remove any residue. Again, saved time and more profit result.


This is my polishing paste for Ni-Cr, Cr-Co, hard gold alloys, porcelain and composite restorations. But like my other products, it’s not just “another” polishing paste. I have engineered Brilliance to minimize product fly-away. When your polishing paste stays on the restoration, you achieve a luxurious, high-glass finish to your restoration in less time. The surfaces that are polished are of even higher quality that those achieved with similar polishing pastes on the market. I calculated that you might save five minutes per restoration with Brilliance, and if ten units a day are polished, you can save as much as five hours a week. At that rate, you start being able to measure your higher profits.

As always, if you have a suggestion for a new product or a production line problem you would like solved, contact me and maybe we can work up just the right product for that situation.

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