With Zircon-Brite, Saving Steps, Saving Time and Saving Money – As Usual!

October 23, 2013

When you adjust a porcelain or Zirconium unit, do you then send it back for re-glazing for the area that was adjusted? If you are still doing this, then you need to know about Zircon-Brite.

It’s going to come as no surprise that Zircon-Brite can save you time and steps. Isn’t that what I say in every one of these articles? Dental Ventures of America specializes time-saving products. We help labs and dental offices eliminate entire steps while getting exactly the same or better result. This is the benefit of many of our products and Zircon-Brite is no exception.

So after you reshape or grind a unit, use the brushes that can be purchased with the product. Skip the reglazing step that you used to need at this point. You just need to apply Zircon-Brite to the brush and start polishing. Small scratches will be buffed away in seconds and a bright, shiny finish will quickly appear.

Zircon-Brite was selected as one of the top dental products in 2010. It not only contains an abrasive compound, but also a binder which is what helps it to develop the high level of luster on your crowns or partials in just seconds.

How Many Steps can we Combine into One?

Some technicians have told us that not only do they not need to re-glaze a ceramic or Zirconium unit, but that they can also bring the item to a final shine in just one step. Before, they might have had to go through two more finer grade polishing wheels and then a polishing paste. So we are combining four separate steps into one here!

More than Just Zirconium and Ceramic

I should list here all the different materials this product can be used with:

  • Zirconium Sub-structure Collars
  • Zirconium Full-Contour Restorations
  • Layered Porcelains
  • IPS e.max and Empress Porcelains
  • All Cad/Cam Generated Restorations
  • All Composite Restorations


If you have a product around the lab called BRITENESS, that is the same product as Zircon-Brite. When we realized how well this polish works on Zirconium, we changed the name.

When we changed it, we had some requests for a wider packaging that would make it easier to pick up the polish on brushes and wheels. So we made that change, too.

You Can’t Polish Zirconium!”

Some people say that Zirconium won’t take a shine once you are chairside. But that is where final adjustments are made. When your patient expects a milled restoration to be inserted at that visit, it would be disappointing to send the restoration back to the lab for and polishing if all it needed was little grinding to perfect the fit.

That’s just the kind of problem we are happy to eliminate. If you have not tried Zircon-Brite yet, we hope you choose to test it out in your practice or lab now. You might be a little surprised at how much easier and faster you can deliver your cases – and you might be a little surprised that no one thought of Zircon-Brite before!

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