How the Right Dental Lab Supplies Can Result in Precision Modeling

February 5, 2014

I know I usually talk about our dental lab supplies related to polishing and sometimes waxes and such, but the fact is that our model system is widely accepted. If you have not heard about our precision system, then I guess it’s time I should talk about it.

The major advantage of our system is its accuracy. But that is, of course, a huge consideration. Your patients may be living with your restoration for the remainder of their lives.

We have developed a remarkably stable, accurate system for models. It took thinking through the problems with model-making from the very bottom to the top. Many people talk about problems in accuracy stemming from linear distortion coming from the setting expansion of stone.

Our system provides improvement of final linear cross-arch expansion. It’s been used for more than twenty years – that’s plenty of time to work out any bugs! The key to the accuracy of our system is a stable foundation that eliminates the moving or shifting of dowel pin locations. You just have to pre-determine the location of these pins relative to the impression before you pour the die.

Multiple studies have noted that a stable base eliminates this distortion. Our system uses this datum as the foundation of our process.

With our system, you don’t have to glue your pins into the dies. You start by relating the pre-manufactured base to the impression. You then drill precise pinholes in each location and then drop the pins into the holes. You used to have to pre-mark the location of each pin but now we have a new Alignment Fixture that eliminates this requirement. I’ll talk about that another time.

No glue is needed as the pinholes are tapered. Friction will do the work. That will save you time and money.

When you drop the pins into place, you don’t have to use a lot of pressure. That would tend to lock things together and you will need to remove and replace some of these pins.

Cutting the Model

Now, your model is stable. You can saw your arch into the segmented parts you need and the pins mean that your base is completely stable. There will be no expansion or distortion. The pins will return to their original locations with respect to the dies.

This system will save you so much production time and make the fits of the final restorations extremely accurate. That, of course, makes your patients very happy. And it means that you won’t have to do this work twice.

We’ve got a video on our website that will show you the whole process. You can see it by visiting Let me know if we can answer any questions for you.

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